Asturias, Spain, 1977

Ira Lombardía lives and works in New York, where she teaches in the Department of Film and Digital Media at Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts. Artist and researcher, she works in different media such as photography, video, graphic design and sculpture. With her projects she questions discourses, dynamics and rhetorics that have been assumed in the field of contemporary art, image or philosophy. Her production, both theoretical and practical, focuses on the transformation of the postmodern paradigm in relation to digital visual culture.

In September 2021, his first solo exhibition in the United States opened at SCAD Museum (Savannah, GA), a retrospective curated by DJ Hellerman that included installation and large-scale works. His most recent exhibitions include: A Certain Darkness (Curator Alexandra Laudo, Caixa Forum Barcelona, June 2018- January 2019), Les Nouveaux Encyclopdistes (Curator Joan Fontcuberta, European Photography Festival, Regio Emilia, Italy, 2017), The Billboard Creative International Exhibition (Curator Mona Kuhn, Los Angeles, USA, 2016) and Not All Photographs Are Records, (Curator Lorenzo Fusi, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool Biennial, UK, 2014).




























In 2023 the Banco Santander Foundation publishes her work “Vessel” chosen for the 6th edition of the Derivada production programme. She has been nominated for the Post-Photography Prototyping Prize (Fotomuseum Winterthur and Julius Baer Foundation, Switzerland, 2016) and has received PICE grants, the SCAN Project Room production and residency grant (SCAN, Spanish Contemporary Art Network, July 2018, London), the Premio Internacional de Fotografía UCO-LaFragua (Córdoba 2015) and the Fundación Banco Santander grant (Entreacto, Madrid, 2015).