ARCOlisboa 2023


25.05.2023 – 28.05.2023






Stand 104

Cordoaria Nacional de Lisboa

Av. da Índia, 1300-598 Lisboa, Portugal





François Bucher

Ira Lombardía

José Guerrero





Spanish Embassy in Lisbon. “Patio de Honor” of the Spanish Embassy in Lisbon. Palacio de Palhava.

Av. António Augusto de Aguiar 39, 1050-099 Lisboa, Portugal.



From the figure of the horse and the particular way it looks, Pedro G. Romero created La Posada, a twin project that was presented simultaneously in Seville and Barcelona. After its participation in the exhibition Eurasia – A Landscape of Mutability at the M HKA in Antwerp in 2022, the two installations will be featured at the stables of the Spanish Embassy in Lisbon.


The starting point for the project was the artist’s residency that took place in 2018 at the Accademia di Spagna in Rome, where he developed an investigation about Il Sacco di Roma of 1527, the assault on the city by the troops of Charles V, during which many of its churches were converted into stables for horses, returning them to their original home, the humble stable where Christ was born. It is from this idea of manger or inn that the name and meaning of the project is taken. In trying to understand this double gesture of profanation and sacralisation, Pedro G. turned the Academy’s own space and the Tempietto di San Pietro in Montorio into stables, and in 2019 he organised a concert of flamenco guitars for horses, mares, jacks, mules and donkeys. From then on, the filming process with the teams of Isaki Lacuesta, Goroka TV and Ludovica Manzetti started.


In 2021, the filming continued in Kazajistán, where Pedro G. Romero directed and shot a new movie, currently being edited, entitled Los caballos and starring as protagonist, amongst others, the flamenco guitarist Emilio Fernández, Caracafé. The installation in Lisbon will feature an unreleased cut of the film.The back of the canvases, with life-size prints of both horses, will act as a projection screen.