Valladolid, 1981.

Belén Rodríguez’s artistic projects deconstructs the essential cultural components of textile craftwork, both pictorially and sculpturally. Reaping the benefits of the environment like a landscape sur le motiv painter, Belén Rodríguez acts more like a gatherer than an agent of representation.

Once achieving the colour, there is no need to recreate the shape of the trees or the clouds, the grass or the rocks. By working in this way Belén Rodríguez avoids the painter’s palette. Instead,  she creates her own repertoire that reaches peak chromatic expression and maximum formal abstraction, delving deep into the mystery of colour and its superficial glory.


Master of Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, 2010, where she studied with Professor Heimo Zobernig. Graduate in Fine Arts from the UCM in Madrid, 2007. She has been part of different Artist in Residence Programs including Flora ars+natura, in Bogota, Artista X Artista, (Havana, 2016) Hooper Projects in (Los Angeles, 2015) Academia de España in (Rome, 2012) and BMUKK (Tokyo, 2009). Some of her solo exhibitions include “I turn Chilli Red” at Josh Lilley, (London, 2019), “Algodón naranja en la bella sombra”, at Alarcón Criado, (Sevilla, 2019), “Paintung”, at Patio Herreriano, (Valladolid, 2018) “Circa” at Das weisse haus, in (Vienna, 2011) at Galería Parra y Romero, (Madrid, 2010).

She has received the Staatstipendium Scholarship from the Austrian Ministry of Culture in 2015, the Generation Award from Caja Madrid in 2011 and with Honorable Mention in 2009, artist selected as a finalist in the V edition of the Cervezas Alhambra Emerging Art Award, 2021. In 2022, she received the Botín Foundation Grant for Plastic Arts, Santander (ES).

In 2023, the artist features Metallic Salt, a solo project at the Patio Herreriano Museum in Valladolid, curated by Javier Hontoria, and participates among others in the group show Doblad mis amores, at Collegium (Arévalo), curated by Chus Martínez.