Seville, 1989.

She studied Textile Design at Central Saint Martins in London. Irene Infantes does not distinguish between art and design. In her practice, she tackles both fields in parallel, matching her art production with collaborative projects for design firms like Christopher Farr. In both fields, the artist explores the plasticity of materials: she tenses their resistance and applies them to execute works characterized by a synthesis of representation and the use of a varied repertoire of materials, textures, and surfaces. Her work aims to disturb the viewer from the point of view of interpretation, and seduce him thanks to the materiality of the works, the color and the compositional clarity.

She obtained a residence grant in the V C3A Research and Production Program in 2021, he won the Texprint Award in 2017 that led him to exhibit in different galleries in the UK and Paris, in 2020 he won the El Diseño: A Journey Between Italy and Spain.

In her individual exhibitions, must be mentioned, Me lo dijo Hisham  at Alarcón Criado gallery (2021), Transhumance at García Galería (Madrid, 2019) and Social life of a material  at Gal Gallery (London, 2018) curated by Arvida Bystrom.

She has also been part of collective exhibitions such as Turno de réplica. Construcción/composición  at the Patio Herreriano Museum, (Valladolid, 2021), Una grieta en la montaña  at the Center for Contemporary Creation of Andalusia C3A, (Córdoba, 2021) and Entre las formas que van hacia la sierpe y las formas que buscan el cristal  at the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art (Seville, 2020) curated by Joaquín Jesús Sanchez and Roxana Gazdzinski.

She wins the Texprint Award in 2017 that leads her to exhibit in different galleries in the UK and Paris, in 2020 she wins the Design: A Journey between Italy and Spain award.


CV Irene Infantes