Art Brussels 2024

25.04.2024 – 28.04.2024


In its first participation in ART BRUSSELS, Alarcón Criado is pleased to present a Solo Project by artist Cristina Mejías.

With a strong interest in the materiality of the voice and in the expressive potential of the forms, Mejías uses a bold treatment of wood, an exercise that has something biographical (wood is strongly rooted in the family work) and a lot of accurate analysis of its multiple varieties.

We observe in these works a search for expressive forms that try to flee from the normative models. In her work there emerges a cast of subjectivities -of voices- inscribed in different traditions that the passing of time renders fragile and brittle (the flaws produced by this fragility in the diverse modes of expression are, many times, the origin of her aesthetic approaches). Aware that writing has historically dominated the territory of expression, Mejías shifts the focus to orality, making it, paradoxically, visible. And not only that: communication, or rather, the affective substratum of communication, often transcends language itself, for it is in the displacement of bodies that it reaches its greatest eloquence. In front of these works, it is easy to glimpse that everything is a consequence of something, that there is always a link that connects two ideas, two longings, two fears”.

Fragment of the text of the exhibition “Aprendices errantes”.
Patio Herreriano Museum, Valladolid