Juuso Noronkoski and Mikko Rikala. Overlapping Instants

11.05.18 – 27.07.18
Overlapping Instants is the title of the first exhibition of the artists Juuso Noronkoski and Mikko Rikala in Spain. The exhibition will consist of both individual works by each artist, as well as collaborative works. Both artists belong to the acclaimed Helsinki School. They have both previously featured in group exhibitions in centres such as the Finnish Museum of Photography (Reinterpreting the Frame, curated by Boshko Boskovic in 2015) or the SIC space in Helsinki (2014), as well as others.

The cosmic scale and its significance in the human environment and our cultural history can be seen when we look around us: in our rooms, at nearby shores, in the stars and the sky. By questioning the linear continuum, we reveal the relativity of duration and distance.


By juxtaposing the signs of wear and change that occur in human time with the very slow transformations of nature, we can observe these overlapping ways of experiencing time. By taking part in nature’s cycle, the observer can reveal something essential about the relationship between people and their environment. If the goal is to understand our way of existing in the world and our relationship with our environment, then it is worthwhile to stop and think: what happens to a rock as waves erode its surface over the course of centuries?


History, as well as nature and its forces, seems to be filled with gaps through which unexpected connections can be made. The idea of a unified, forward moving time seems to be the most artificial of human inventions. And history, as W.G. Sebald writes in Austerlitz, is an endless sequence of coincidences that are connected to each other either closely or distantly. We can understand time and history like the cycle water goes through – the way it accumulates, evaporates and is released – or currents of wind, which can be gusty, turbulent or gentle. The central idea in our collaborative practice is finding these gaps we can look through and see the linear passage of history interrupted and familiar phenomena shown in a new light.

Overlapping Instants was made in collaboration with the Taik Gallery in Berlin.

Dossier Instantes Superpuestos, 2018.

CV Mikko Rikala

CV Juuso Noronkoski