José Guerrero. Muros y Brechas

11.05.2024 > 29.06.2024

The exhibition “MUROS Y BRECHAS” showcases the result of José Guerrero’s recent work in the territories of the Altiplano de Granada and the Bay of Naples.

The artist addresses the idea of ‘the wall as canvas’ and turns it into the leitmotif of the exhibition. The seemingly insurmountable wall – whether it be of canvas, paper, brick, or stucco – is nothing more than a pretext for the imaginary projection of landscapes, architectures, and scenic backgrounds, which more or less strongly suggest the real presence of a non-existent scene; a sort of trompe-l’oeil. As in other recent works, Guerrero once again delves into the limitations of any representation in general, and of photographic language in particular, embracing the tension between concepts and ideas such as real and imaginary, wall and horizon, document and abstraction, architecture and landscape, or photography and painting.

On the other hand, as a counterpoint, some works belonging to the “Brechas” series are presented. All of them suggest cracks, fissures, or direct openings to light, seen from the interior of closed geological spaces. The images insist on the idea of scenography, although in this case they rely on the dramatic tension between light and shadow, and between that which remains outside the frame, behind the camera, and beyond the gap.


 Sebastián Wenceslao