Emilio Gañán. Argot

Argot. Emilio Gañán. 12.12.14_29.01.15

To simplify and to purify, to face the subjectivity to the objectivity. Emilio Gañán’s aesthetics (Cáceres, 1971) recognize and quantify a mathematical order determined by factors relating to symmetry, balance and simplicity. The practice of his painting lead him to what Javier Hernando qualified as sensitive geometry, in which the orchestration of colour and its application on the surface shows the sensuality of matter without forgetting the rigor of form.
In the last ten years, Gañán has established a vocabulary of slang to which he constantly turns, using lines, points and planes to create a system of expression in constant evolution. The application of slang is defined in the process of the pictorial practice, and is articulated through other discipline, avoiding dogmatic expressions which are the mark of geometric guidelines.
It is difficult for Emilio Gañán speak of his work in terms of meaning. As Rechalk Debray, he feels that there is something deeply subversive in refusing to express anything. He denies explanation of the painting because for him it is pure form. The painting thrills, raises or sinks you with the formal slang of abstract pattern. The picture has turned into an object, and this object for the artist is a talisman.