Bernardo Ortiz. El pánico de los animales pequeños

16.12.2023 > 01.02.2024

A square, black marble plate, vertically reads “The panic of small animals” giving the title to Bernardo Ortiz’s fourth exhibition at Alarcón Criado. The origin of the title is uncertain. Perhaps drawn from a Science Fiction film– the narrative begins with two characters coming together by a fire pit in an open field. One among the two recalls the day when he had to run away with his dogs. While fleeing, he came across a family of porcupines running out of the bushes. Like him and his dogs, with their eyes wide open. All the creatures shared a moment of ‘that panic of small animals that keep running even if it’s futile’. The letters aranged vertically in horizontal patterns look like the regiments of nervous legged insects scurrying across the surface of a stone.‘The panic of small animals’ brings together a diverse set of drawings ranging from marble slabs to folded sheets of papel, making references with allusions to a certain end of things devoid of humour. Intertwining words with materials, Bernardo Ortiz creates an ephimeral and delicate relation in his works.