Alegría Castillo Roses (Córdoba, 1985) and José Antonio Sánchez Piñero (Chiclana de la Frontera, 1975) both graduated with a Fine Arts from the University of Granada and have been working as an artist couple (Alegría and Piñero) since 2009.


Their creative processes are defined in a circular gaze that perceives  multiple perspectives on the same centre (Encicloscopio), giving rise to long-running projects such as “Prueba de Fuego” (2009-2016), a series comprising eleven works that delves into the germinal nature of the static image, bending it to elicit from its larval time which strives to conceal, “Enciclolalia” (2014-2022), a research project that focuses on the phenomenology of speech to reveal what is hidden behind language, subjecting it to exercises that place the voice beyond the throat, the tongue and the lips, and finds it between the hands, the mud and the air.

In recent years the following solo exhibitions : “La voz encontrada” made for Lab987 at MUSAC in León; “De la Caña al coro” at Casa de Iberoamérica in Cádiz have drawn the attention of the viewers. Their works have been part of group exhibitions such as “Escultura expandida” at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, “Audiovisiones” from the DKV collection at the Sala de Armas, Ciudadela in Pamplona, “Jondos maquínicos“, a travelling exhibition shown at the Teatro Central in Seville, the Palacio del almirante in Granada, the Fundación Botí in Córdoba and Espacio Dilalica in Barcelona,“Solo es verdad lo que sucede cada 300 noches” at the gallery Alarcón Criado, Seville and “PropuestasVegap” at CentroCentro, Madrid.


Their projects have been selected in several calls for proposals, including the “XXIII Ayudas a la creación visual Propuestas Vegap”,

“Lugar Común” at the Consorcio de Museos de la Comunidad Valenciana, “Programa de Residencias artísticas UAVA-C3A” in Córdoba, the “Premio de arte emergente Cervezas Alhambra” exhibited in ARCO17, Tabacalera in 2019 (Madrid) and the Palacio de Carlos V in 2022 (Granada).


They have participated in the ARCO 2022 and 2021 with the gallery Alarcón Criado and Arte Santander 2017 with the gallery Javier Marín.


They currently live in La Puebla de Cazalla, Seville, where they have created an extensive programme of creation for people with intellectual disabilities in collaboration with the town council, devising and directing the Taller de Creación Artística since 2014, as well as five editions of Residencias Artísticas La Puebla de Cazalla and four editions of Jornadas de Art Brut.