The Alder King


Nicolas Grospierre. The Alder King

13 September – 25 October 2022

Galeria Starmach. Kraków, Polond

Curator, Robert Domzalski
Edited by, Robert Domzalski, Nicolas Grospierre

ISBN: 978-83-942324-4-3

                                   Fiction and Fabrication

Photography of Architecture after the Digital Turn

The field of architectural photography, long rooted in realistic depictions, has begun to see a dramatic shift in approach. Today, traditional styles of photographic representation are giving way to a new form of individualized reality, as advances in technology and techniques open new avenues for manipulating images. Fiction and Fabrication, which accompanies an exhibition at the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology in Lisbon, explores this trend via a range of contemporary works by some of the world’s most celebrated artists.

These essays highlight the power of digital photography and software like Photoshop to offer one-of-a-kind portraits of modern urban landscapes. The artists discussed include Doug Aitken, Beate Gütschow, Hans Op de Beeck, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Jeff Wall, among many others. From imaginary buildings to real architecture that at times appears more fantastic than fiction, the art reflects the fresh visual energies that architectural photography can channel in our post-digital age.

Beautifully illustrated with one hundred color images, Fiction and Fabrication takes an engaging look at the intersection of fine art and architectural design. At the same time, the book encourages us to reevaluate the places around us and appreciate all that is–and could be–just before our eyes.


Editor: Pedro Gadanho

Hirmer Verlag GmbH 2019

ISBN-10: 377743289X

                                   Modern Spaces 

Nicolas Grospierre

A Subjective Atlas of 20th-Century Interiors

In Modern Forms, Nicolas Grospierre traveled the globe to sample the best modernist buildings from the 20th century. Now, he takes his camera indoors to show how modernist ideas are manifested within the walls of buildings both famous and obscure. Rather than a chronological or geographical tour, these photographs are organized in a visual flow, that allows readers to appreciate similar characteristics in interiors that would normally never be grouped together. Shot in the same distinctive and striking manner as his previous book, these images reveal the forms that define modernism. Built with forward-looking, Utopian ideals, decades later, they exist in a startling range of conditions, from dazzling to downtrodden. Through the visual flow of the book, readers can make connections between a private residence in Sri Lanka, a stairway at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia, a cinema in Bangkok, a bus station waiting room in Odessa, and the vaults of a bank on Wall Street, New York. Responding to our desires to categorize and catalog, this photographic journey crosses spatial and cultural borders to tell the story of modern architecture.

Editorial Direction: Lincoln Dexter

With contributions by: Elias Redstone and Owen Hatherley

Prestel Verlag, Munich, London, New York 2018

For the images, Nicolas Grospierre, 2018


                                   Modern Forms 

Nicolas Grospierr

A Subjective Atlas of 20th-Century Architecture

This paperback edition of Modern Forms has just been released following the success of the hardback publication of 2016. The author notes that the buildings and structures featured in the book are often those where form precedes function and throughout the surprisingly common architectural language across the globe from Tel Aviv to Tbilisi is revealed.

As well as office blocks there are churches, bus stops, water slides and hospitals all constructed between 1920 and 1989. Some are plain bizarre and some are brutally beautiful.

Edited by Alona Pardo, Elias Redstone

Prestel Verlag, Munich, London, New York 2016

For the images, Nicolas Grospierre, 2016

ISBN: 978-3-7913-8229-6

Modern Forms

A Subjective Atlas of 20th-Century Architecture

Nicolas Grospierre

Edited by Alona Pardo and Elias Redstone,

with a contribution by Adam Mazur

Editorial direction: Lincoln Dexter

Prestel Verlag, Munich, London, New York 2016

For the images, Nicolas Grospierre, 2016

For the texts, the individual authors, 2016

ISBN 978-3-7913-8229-6

Shooting Space

Architecture in Contemporary Photoghraphy

Elias Redstone

First published 2014

Phaidon Press Limited

ISBN 9780714867427


Photographs by: Nicolas Grospierre
Illustrated by: Nicolas Grospierre
Contributor: Nicolas Grospierre
Edition: illustrated
Publisher: Distributed Art Pub Incorporated, 2013
ISBN: 3868591699, 9783868591699
Length : 156 pages

The Oval Offices – Owalne gavinty

Edita: Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, 2013
Textos: Nicholas Grospierre, Daniel M. Leers, Adam Mazur, Deyan Sudjic
ISBN: 978-83-61-270-64-5

Mark Rothko. Paintings from the National Gallery in Washington

The National Museum of Warsaw, Warsaw 2013

Conception and editor: Marek Bartelik

Editorial coordination: Dorota Karaszewska

ISBN: 978 83 7100 939 6


Nicolas Grospierre, 2009
Edita: Nicolas Grospierre
Diseño Gráfico: MAMASTUDIO
ISBN: 83-921168-2-8

Biblioteka i inne projekty La Bibliothéque et autres projets

The Library and other projects, 2006
Edita: Nicolas Grospierre
Producido: Polskie Wydawnictwo Audiowizualne
ISBN: 83-921168-5-2