NICOLAS GROSPIERRE. “Ceci n´est pas un bâtiment”, Hotel Andel´s Vienna House (Łódź)

Ceci n´est pas un bâtiment

Andel´s by Vienna House Lodz (Varsovia)

Curator: Inés R. Artola


Nicolas Grospierre participates in  ‘Ceci n´est pas un bâtiment’, which can be visited in Andel´s by Vienna House Lodz

The exhibition, curated by Inés R.Artola, develop a route of photography of modern architecture. The buildings that compile Nicolas Grospierre’s “Atlas” are a detailed and exhaustive game of abstraction, which only demonstrate the universalization of modern forms. The modernity, however, seen through the cracks of its decline as a broken promise of future.