Alicante, Spain, 1969.

Lives and works Valencia.

Mira Bernabeu, a long career artist, started his work at the end of the Nineties – after studying Fine Art and Psychology. His work is orientated in two directions: the participation-reaction of the spectator facing social topics and the aesthetic beauty of the art work. His projects have an important interest in the dramatized analysis of the human being by means of his group portraits. In Mise en Scène come together historical, moral, religious values, psychoanalytic and educational theories,in sober scenes, like performance,

 where the limit of the public and the private is constantly in question. The utilization of the body is based principally in placing it inside a dramatic – theatrical context, in which everything is possible. This way, all the figures pose facing his camera in a natural way, trying to ignore its presence, but being eventually conscious of what is happening. Thus, the final result is impregnated with a certain artificiality. His projects, of anthropologic character, try to be a reflection of actual social,

 economic, cultural and political situation. He tries to avoid the spectator’s indifference, so he has the intention of involving them with his photographs and videos, and by means of his interactive facilities: pieces in which the spectator acquires a fundamental and definitive roll, as they become responsible of their participation and of the validation of the work. Thus, the spectator can adopt a voyeur’s role in a few occasions, and that of an actor in others.

CV Mira Bernabeu (eng)