Seville, Spain, 1975.

His work derives from two fundamental premises. The first being the investigation and development of intervening tactics – with regards to exhibition spaces; the second, being his idea of the process through which his work appears to be in progress, without the possibility of being completed. His works present reflexive discourses that develop around the history of contemporary art and where the relation between reality and its representation tighten. The symbolic character that adheres to his works, manifests a distorted vision of reality,

resorting to motives of his everyday environment. Twisted windows, walls of receding planes and impossible perspectives lead us to question visual fact, to a relativization of the media of communication and to a cynical reference to the stereotypical languages of art. The materials used by Martín Freire descend from an industrial ambit and are basically made, of PVC, vinyls and adhesives, composing a complex discourse in which the traditional artistic disciplines are overcome.

His works combine previous resources of cinematographic stage mechanics, graphic design and advertisement as well as references to a variety of outstanding moments in the history of art. He was awarded the Neinver Price for a Site Specific Project in Seville in 2012. In 2014 he individually exhibited a specific project for CAAC, Sevilla and he received Scholarship Bilbao Arte Rivera for the development of an artistic project with technological applications in his work.