JOSE GUERRERO Y MP&MP ROSADO: “El Impacto de lo viejo. De cómo la tradición pictórica pervive hoy en la imagen”, FUNDACIÓN CAJASOL, SEVILLA

Sala Murillo, Fundación Cajasol, Sevilla

José Guerrero and MP&MP Rosado are part of this exhibition, curated by Sema D’Acosta.
‘The impact of the old invites us to look at the past from a contemporary perspective,
establishing a general reflection from the acquisitions of the Foundation Cajasol’s own
collection. The central idea of the exhibition, illustratively defines a path that uncovers current
correspondences between authors and well known artists within Western culture; an
equivalence which aims to make us think about traditional genres of painting and indeed its
unequivocal legacy which exists in the present day. Today, many of the icons that inhabit our
artistic imagination are perpetuated by visual artists who work with the image, especially
photography and video – a connection that can be both explicit and also at times less obvious –
which demonstrates the relevance of the history of art in many expressions used by artists
working within the contemporary sphere. Evidently, the thesis of this project establishes links
between works of the past and works of our time. Not only tracking elements or revealing
shared similarities, but also assuming this as fact, thus, moving our concerns as people of the
XXI century – allowing us to relate to other situations which have been experienced before us.
Undoubtedly, over the decades, procedures for interpreting reality and the circumstances
surrounding each historical period have changed, however, within the essence of the artist
there still maintains similar motivations homogeneous to the generations that preceded them.’


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