Group exhibition: “Me acuerdo…”, Galería Alarcón Criado, Sevilla

On the 27 of April at 20:00h, the gallery Alarcón Criado is pleased to invite you to the opening of “I Remember”, commisioned for the art critic and independant curator Jesús Alcaide, in which the work of the following artists will be presented: Adam Basanta, François Bucher, José Guerrero, Ira Lombardía, Javier Peñafiel and MP&MP Rosado Garcés .

Concieved as a way in which to propose different curatorial work, “I Remember” takes the title of the book from the American artist Joe Brainard, to prupose a number apporaches associated with the ideas surrounding memory and memories. The project was concieved in order to display a set of cross references, which during its construction, a number of ideas have accidentally arisen.

Firstly, it is a work of François Bucher on La Jetée, by Chris Marker, which determines the curatorial context in which we move; the territory of memory, memories, history, fiction and the status of the image.

Secondly, it is a vieled tribute to the art critic and curator Manel Clot (1956-2016), whose influences can be seen in some of the pieces throughout the exhibition: Javier Peñafiel, MP & MP Rosado. That is an important factor when considering ways of proposing new curatorial devices and exchange experiences, and how to present and circulate contempoary art forms.

Therefore, Jesus Alcaide, in the manner of an ‘emotional essay’, pruposes this game of crossovers – ranging from literary figures such as Joe Brainard, to the the plurality of voices sas with Manel Clot – where texts are built in order to lead the way and determine the artists appoach into the dangerous territory of memory and rememberance; as producers of images and artefacts in their own material practice. The inability to translate memory in an image or an object and indeed the permeation of life experience is evident in each of the projects

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