SCRIPTED REALITY: THE LIFE AND ART OF TELEVISION, Collective exhibition curated by Kit Hammonds with curatorial assistant Adriana Kuri Alamillo. 15.11.2018 – 24.03.2019

Over a number of years, François Bucher produced Live events with various public figures, including artists and politicians, where they watched and reacted to television images, while zapping through the channels. These ¨addresses¨ provided a subjective, critical and sometimes satirical commentary that acted as a counterpoint to the events portrayed on screen. Bucher started the project as a means to address the “deological apparatus” of television, in the aftermath of 911 and the build-up to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The genesis of the project was an offer, made to Bucher, of the use of a streaming server, at a time when that kind of technology was not yet commonly available.

FRANCOIS BUCHER in collaboration with:
Keith Sanborn (filmmaker and writer)—live from New York, 2002; Will Bradley (art critic—live from New York, 2002; Thomas Zummer (artist and writer)—live from New York, 2003; Thomas Keenan (writer)—live from New York to The New Museum, New York, and Rocketshop, Berlin, 2004; Lawrence Lessig (Lawyer, creator of Creative Commons)—live from Stanford to Transmediale, and Haus Der Kulturen de Welt, Berlin, 2005; Yvonne Rainer (filmmaker)—live from New York to the Prague Biennial, 2002; Monica Mayer (artist and writer)—live from Mexico City to Transmediale, Haus Der Kulturen de Welt, Berlin, 2005; Martha Rosler (artist) —live from New York, 2003; Carles Guerra (artist and cirtic)—live from Barcelona to the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Bogotá, 2004; Manuel Hernández (writer)—live from Bogotá, 2003; David d’Heilly (curator, artist)—live from Tokyo to Transmediale, Haus Der Kulturen de Welt, Berlin, 2005; Armando Silva (writer)—live from Bogotá to Art in General, New York, 2005; Ernesto Samper (Former president of Colombia)—live from Bogotá to Fuse Box, Washington during the second inauguration of George W. Bush, 2005