François Bucher. La Duración del Presente. La Segunda y la Media Dimensión

La Duración del Presente. La Segunda y la Media Dimensión. François Bucher. 04.10.13_22.11.13

The Duration of The Present (Notes on Frecuency)

The Duration of the Present is the name of one of the multiple experiments in neurophysiology that were realized by Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum, a Mexican scientist from the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico. Grinberg founded and directed, for many years, an avant-garde laboratory in Psychophysiology, a laboratory that focused on the study of consciousness.  He disappeared without a trace in 1994.

The Duration of the Present focuses on the tiny yet infinite threshold that we call “the present tense”: the portal where the material and the immaterial coexist, according to how balanced a subject may be; where an image of light is fixated or where the full kaleidoscope is displayed, whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere to be found.  It is what oscillates from dense to subtle, according to the pendulum, from the perennial to the eternal, from the circumscribed to the mutant.  It is the portal that traces the blind and deaf shadow of horizontal memory, and which opens the skylight to a vertical memory.