Bernardo Ortiz. Balance.


Balance is the third exhibition hosted by the artist Bernardo Ortiz at Alarcon Criado. It is about the way the artist poses in the specific gallery space, and a place where installation works and mural interventions will meet. It is a series of unpublished pieces executed with various techniques and supports.

The exhibition precedes the presentation that will take place at ARCO Madrid 2020. Ortiz will have his own individual project next to the stand of the gallery Alarcon Criado.

For years Bernardo Ortiz has insisted, stubbornly, that he makes “drawings about painting”; that is, drawings that revolve around the act of painting. Despite the warning, the border between the act of drawing and the act of painting is becoming increasingly thin and permeable.
The exhibition is a staging of isolated (painterly) gestures. For example, priming, with wax and oil, tissue paper to make it both translucent and impervious to ink; staining found pieces of fabric; depicting, from memory, distant colour combinations that the artist deems as “excentric”; et caetera, et caetera.

These gestures have a contradictory condition: they are deliberate even calculated, but at the same time they seem to repond to basic impulses. Impulses, like marking, scratching or smearing, that are ways to recover something that is irretrievably lost.