Jerez de la Frontera, 1986.

Visual artist with a degree in Fine Art from the European University of Madrid, who continued to develop her artistic practice at the National College of Arts & Design (Dublin), AID (Berlin) and graduated with a Research Master in Art and Creation from UCM (Madrid). After several years in Berlin, she currently lives and works in Madrid.

She has recently exhibited individually at Alarcón Criado (Seville, 2022), Rodríguez Poznan

(Poland, 2022), Centro Párraga (Murcia, 2021), The Chapel Theatre with Victor Colmenero (CDMX, Mx, 2021), Museum of Jaén (2021), Blueproject Foundation (Barcelona, 2020), Museum of Cádiz (2020), The Goma (Madrid, 2019), MACZUL (Maracibo, VZ, 2017) and exhibited collectively at Centro Párraga (Murica, 2023 and 2020), Casa de Latin America

(Cádiz, 2022-23), Dilalica (Barcelona, 2022), Young Art Room (Madrid, 2022), Provincial

Palace of Cádiz (2022), Foundation Faael Botí (Córdoba, 2022 and 2021), Juan March Foundation Museum (Palma, Balearic Islands, 2022), Circle of Fine Arts (Madrid, 2021), Almirante Palace, (Granada, 2021) Central Theatre (Seville, 2021), Pradioll Theatre (Madrid, 2021), Imprint (Guadalajara, MX, 2021), ProjectH (CDMX, Mx, 2021), Generation Award 2020 at The House On (Madrid, 2020) SCAN Projects (London, UK, 2020) Alarcón Criado

(Seville, 2020), CenterCenter (Madrid, 2020 and 2016), C3A (Cordova, 2019),  CArteC (Madrid, 2019), City of Palma Awards (Balearic Islands, 2019), Santa Inés (Seville, 2018), Mendoza Foundation (Caracas, VZ, 2017), Ranchtio ARCOLisboa Matadero Madrid / Municipal Galleries (Madrid/Lisbon, 2018), Artothèque (Bordeaus-Pessac, France, 2018), TEA (Tenerife, 2018), Cultural Centre of Spain/AECID (Rosario, Argentina/Concepcion, Chile/Lima Peru, 2018), XXVII Plastic Arts Circuits (Madrid, 2017) and LABoral (Gijon,

2017), Cajasol Foundation (Seville, 2017), CAAC (Seville, 2016) among others, and soon in

the Kindred Space Spirit (Lisbon, PT) and at the Centre d’art Contemporain Chapelle Saint-Jacques (Saint-Gaudens, FR).

Recent awards and scholarships include the International Open Work Award 2022, Grants for Creation in Visual Arts Community of Madrid 2022, ARCO Community of Madrid 2022, Incorporation into the HAMACA2022 Archive, Generation 2020 of the Montemadrid Foundation.

Her work can be found in collections such as ARCO Foundation, Caja Extremadura Foundation, CA2M, Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art, Montemadrid Foundation, DKV, Meana Larrucea Collection, ALacia Aza Collection, Kells Collection, Otaza Collection and Navacerrada Collection.