Untitled (a walk)

Curatorial Project Volt

Ervingen (Bergen, Noruega)


‘Untitled (a walk)’ presents drawings and notes by Ortiz that he has made during a walk in May in areas around Sognefjorden, Norway.

This is an exercise. Walk through a landscape while thinking about perception. Describe colours. The way some things are built. Or how they stand. But at the same time think about a poet who hears sounds and tries to imitate those sounds with words. Or about a man who sees the glitches in the transmission of a speech as manifestations of alien life. Or the way that software is calibrated to recognize things in images. Or the way a white painting can be reproduced. A walk is a way of experiencing distance. A sort of “high-resolution” experience of distance; a way to overcome the illusion of transparency and immediacy.

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