Alejandra Laviada: “Revealing and Detonating. Photography in Mexico, ca. 2015”. PhotoEspaña.


03.06 – 30.08.2015

Curators: Hydra (Ana Casas Broda, Gabriela González Reyes y Gerardo Montiel Klint)


Mexico is a country that has undergone deep social, political and ideological transformations, a changing nation in which photographic production and the circuits of this artistic practice have grown exponentially. Revealing and Detonating sets out a review of Mexican photography today. The authors chosen, who are from several different generations, come together in order to draw up a complex, contradictory and disturbing map of contemporary Mexico. With this map they set out questions and open up photography to reflections and dialogues. On the one hand, “revealing” new forms of looking at and producing images, and on the other hand, “detonating” a reflection on the contemporary photographic image.

The exhibition sets out points of contact among the works of very different authors, and identifies situations that show artistic concerns and strategies of creation, it draws up an axis in Mexico’s current photography and questions the identity, the body and the nature of the photographic medium.